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A St. Berry Fanmix

This, this has been my child. I've loved working on this fanmix so very much.

entwined.jason reeves

  In my humble opinion, the best thing about St. Berry and all of its glory is that Rachel and Jesse might just be two of the most misunderstood characters in the entire show. Really. No one gets them. But they understand each other, and to each, the other's faults are just a part of the person as a whole. I knew from the second on the stage in Hell-O that I would love these two, with Rachel's comparisons to Barbara and Jesse's fond amusement.

a beautiful mess.jason mraz

This song pretty much echoes exactly how in the canon inside my head, Jesse sees Rachel. Everything about her is a contradiction. She's so confident, and at the same time she's so insecure. She's sure of where she's going to end up but not what happens until then. And I think that she has absolutely no idea how much she intrigues Jesse. (Even if it takes him a while to realize it too).

coming coy

Oh Jesse, see whereas Rachel "loved" Finn (I use that term lightly, okay), I'm pretty sure that Jesse hasn't really cared for anyone the way he cared for Rachel.Call me crazy, but the scene where he's talking to Shelby in the car during Dream On, I definitely felt like there was a never before seen vulnerability and maybe even fear/nervousness in his eyes the moment when he out loud admitted that he really likes her.

tangled.maroon 5

Yes, a part of me wants to ignore the fact that this ever happened. On the other hand, this is definitely where I think these two had the opportunity to grow up. Plus, look at these pictures and tell me that there isn't love/sorrow/regret/heartbreak in both of them. A break up like this is a part of any epic love story. And these two are the definition of epic.

bells of new york city.josh groban

There are so many reasons this song needed to be included, even if it doesn't necessarily seem to fit as much as the others. First of all, it's Josh Groban. Second of all, New York City belongs to these two (absolutely regardless of what happened in the finale) because the city is theirs for the taking in all their talented goodness. Third of all, I think that there's a lot of it that does connect to the Season 2 reunion, especially the lyrics on the picspam. Did I mention that it's just an awesome song? I cannot tell a lie, inside my head what happens is having given up as the show choir whisperer, Jesse sets his sights on New York, where he and Rachel eventually find each other, reconcile, and become the royalty of the Great White Way.

open arms.journey

It is Journey, which practically made this show. Speaking of, why haven't they done this song yet? Because it's just too perfect. Really. I love this song. And to me, this is where Jesse is once he returns and Rachel lets him back in her life. Because for the first time, he's willing to be honest and admit that all he really wants is her. No more pretense. No more facades. It's just Rachel and Jesse.

come down to me.saving jane

The second that these two showed up on screen together, Rachel's eyes just absolutely lit up with awe and admiration. Hello just sealed the deal, really. I think for a second, she was just astounded to be in the presence of the lead for Vocal Adrenaline. It was a school girl type infatuation. And the song, ohhh, the song. I don't know that she really expected him to be interested in her, but she was still enthralled by every bit of him. The talent, the looks, the bad boy image (?).

if i told you.idina menzel

This might be up there with my favorite Rachel moments of Season 1, and this song instantly made me think of this moment on the show. I think Rachel realizes that this could be something, something bigger than what she had with Finn. But at the same time, she's scared, and she shows it in the most beautifully authentic way I could possibly imagine. She's laying her cards on the table and that's all she wants from him. (By the way, despite the glance at Shelby all creeper-like, I stand by the fact that by the time Dream On/ Funk rolls around Jesse actually means what he says to her on the stage). Plus, the Barbara comparison, and Jesse laughing and then being all adorable. This whole conversation was pretty much perfection.

sparks fly.taylor swift

Have I mentioned yet that these two are just made for each other? They are meant to be together. They understand each other so well, and every time they share the screen, there is so much there. They're both destined for Broadway, More than that though, I think it's really key that they have similar values and similar goals. That's one big factor that sets these two apart from any other relationship on the show, and it's the reason that I can imagine these two staying together (even if it's a stormy relationship. They are, after all, both excessively dramatic in many cases). At first, I was a little bit cautious of throwing Taylor Swift in here, but these lyrics from the bridge made me. "I'm captivated by by you, baby, like a firework show." I really do think that there's this mutual captivation.

loving you is easy.sarah mclachlan

Just to reiterate again, these two are headed for the same place. They're both talented, driven, and will someday rule Broadway. Another fascinating aspect of their relationship I found was that, for better or worse, they pushed each other and I think in a lot of ways it made them better. Right from the start, for Jesse to criticize Rachel's performance at Sectionals was something very different. But at the same time, it wasn't an ad hominem attack like the ND kids seem to direct towards Rachel. It was a critique of the performance itself. At the same time, even though I didn't like it and it wasn't exactly a high point (at all) of the relationship, I think Run Joey Run put Jesse in his place a little bit, which he probably needed. While both Rachel and Jesse are wonderful on their own, put them together and the resulting star power is just....phenomenal.

ophelia.bethany joy lenz

Rachel Berry is...a drama queen. And this was the moment that she stole the show in the tragedy of her own life. Because I stand by my belief that Jesse is the only one up to this point who has understood her, whom she's honest to goodness loved. And to have it (seemingly) end this way. Who wouldn't feel like a tragic heroine?

spell.marie digby

I feel like this could really be the St. Berry song to end all St. Berry songs. This, this sums up who they are. Rachel is a girl, a teenage girl and when you get right down to it all she has is a song, her voice to help her carry through. But that small fact, that is what has Jesse St. James so utterly entranced. It's what keeps him coming back. It's her voice, her music, and who she is in that. The star that she's on her way to becoming. And for that reason, these two will never, ever end. They're just that meant to be.Perhaps what I love most about this ship is that for all the good and bad, when these two are together, they can be themselves. Unlike other relationships, these two don't change for each other.
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